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Missions Page

Africa August 2001

Pastor Jay and Timo Wiemero went to Zambia to encourage and minister with Missionaries from Joy Baptist Church the Hayton Family. Bob Jody and Katie live and work out of Livingstone at the southern tip of this land locked nation. The Hayton's ministry focuses primarily on the villagers surrounding Livingstone. The need is great. Multitudes are dying from AIDS, cholera, TB, Malaria and even leprosy. There is very little food and almost no medical help. The culture is wicked and Satan has deceived so many. The gospel has not been available to many even though this is one of the places Dr. Livingston visited so many years ago with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Zambians have little hope. But great is their joy when Jesus saves. Pray for the Haytons and the Zambians because there is instability in the country.

The life expectancy has dropped to just under 30yr and 65% the population is under the age of 18.


Missions Page